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Here are the websites of some of our favorite teachers, practitioners, and vendors in the field of Contemplative Spirituality and Natural Health:

Shamanism- experience, teaching, community Oscar Miro-Quesada: Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

RI Shamanism Group: PI Practitioner Richard Pass: Peruvian Paqokuna shamanism

Shaman Portal: Major Internet Forum for “all things shamanic”


Shamanism: Supplies

Bouncing Bear Botanicals – Rare, Sacred and Exotic Plants and Entheogens Online resource for all shamanic tools of the trade, especially Peruvian textiles and Florida Waters.

Buddhism/Dharma Dr. Reginald Ray (Reggie Ray): Tibetan Buddhism, Somatic Meditation The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche: Nalandabodhi, Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

Natural Health Supplies Hanna Kroeger Natural Health online store


RI Yoga & Meditation Community Resource Guide: Google Doc: local free or low cost Yoga Classes!