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Shrine Room

The Mesa: A Shaman’s Healing Altar

The Curandero’s Mesa is an altar-like arrangement of sacred objects, artes, used by shamanic practitioners for self-healing and communion with the Spirit World. The Mesa is a microcosm of the macrocosm; every element and expression of consciousness in the universe is embodied in its artes. It is a sacred vehicle for journeying into the spirit world to commune with tutelary ancestral spirits of the natural world and the Beings of Light and other archetypal, ancestral allies in shamanic work.

Typically, a Mesa is used for healing sessions, both individual and communal, and holding sacred space in shamanic ceremonies.

The Mesas and adjunct shamanic healing tools of our community represent the Contemplative Shamanic tradition, which incorporates both ancient and modern shamanic lineages of Peru and other nations with the contemplative yogic teachings of Buddhism.

Working with the Mesa gives one a deep sense of being grounded, empowered, and more intuitive.

Foundation elements of the Mesa are:

  • a special cloth or “manta”
  • a shell (water-emotions)
  • a feather (air/wind-spirit)
  • an earthy stone (earth-body)
  • a white candle in a container (fire-mind)
  • a symbol of the totality such as a crystal (ether/space-consciousness)