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Shrine Room


“I just to tell you how grateful and thankful I am for everything. I am so happy that I found the institute and for how just the fact that it is there and it’s vibration effects me all the time whether I notice consciously or not. It feels like it’s always in my heart wherever I go.” Kate M. (meditation student)
“…the pure genuine unconditional compassion, acceptance and love I felt from you last night.  I saw you for the true shaman healer that you truly are and felt those healing powers within you…  I have not experienced LOVE. I do not know Love. Last night you showed me a glimpse…and your compassion still brings me to tears.” Suzanne M. (shamanic healing ceremony)
“…it was the best mesada I have been involved in. So much love and compassion and healing energies abounding…as Joseph Campbell put it, “Exploring the outer reaches of inner space.”   Richard P. (shamanic healing ceremony)
“… I feel joyous , hopeful and grateful. I had a wonderful time. I laughed, I cried. It was intense, yet lighthearted. The openness and courage of every one who attended was beautiful to witness. WOW! I want to do it again.” (shamanic healing ceremony)

“I really enjoyed the work last night. I felt like it is helping me on many levels. It was strong at times but not overwhelming…I also enjoyed the light and fun atmosphere you put forth. The whole experience felt very supportive and masterfully done. I can see this as a perfect introduction for first timers, and also for people who have had previous experiences. There is a lot of support and healing.” (shamanic healing ceremony)

“First, let me express my gratitude to you for the healing ceremony on Saturday. I honor you. It was extremely powerful for me. I am amazed at how much has come up for me and quite quickly. Although a lot of the resulting work has been difficult, it’s been very rewarding.” Gary C. (shamanic healing ceremony)

“Your meditations are a beautiful and life changing thing. After two of your sessions I found my mind calm and focused. I have a very active mind and this calmness is a welcomed state.” ~Bonnie B.

“I sincerely wish to thank you for your great help for my son Josè David and his mother Olga Gòmez who have suffered of schizophrenia for several years, but the healing energy they have received through you has been more than obvious because over the last two weeks both have been feeling and acting very happy, positive and healthy. My daughter Sara told me on the phone that she was quite surprised at that. She had no idea that I had asked for your help and she too is very thankful to you because their home had not felt so peaceful for a long time. May the Lord shed His blessings on you all.” ~Gratefully yours, Luis Jorge Santos

“I never said anything about the stomach ache I had, but Sarah found it and worked on it at the San Pedro ceremony. My stomach problems are healed and I also feel so much more happy and relaxed in all my relationships.” ~Patricia Calderon, Peru

“I believe Sarah is a natural healer.  Sometimes just being in the presence of certain people, you feel better.  Whether it’s her willingness to share herself totally, or deep connection to “Spirit/mystery,” or the things she has learned from others, its obvious to me Sarah can tap into a person’s inner strength/healing and help clear, strengthen & empower them.  As a friend and colleague, I have been personally touched deeply by her healing & sharing.  I have also seen and witnessed first hand her direct work with others that borders on true “magic”.  Sarah brings such a strong, clear focus and always open, supportive approach to her calling/work & combined with her laughter, beautiful songs, strong ceremonial rituals & deep connection to Spirit, I can imagine many people being helped along the way.  Her open heart seems always available to help.” ~Reid J. Held, LCSW- Nevada

“Sarah  is a compassionate teacher, healer, and friend, who is boldly committed to her community. She is a quiet leader. Her mindfulness is an inspiration to those she meets, and her purity of intention is without reproach. She carries the medicine of many tribes, and every community she has participated in claims her as their daughter. This is a rare gift. One which she shares with a pure vision.” ~Rachel Preston- Colorado

“A few years ago I had a serious, persistent case of pneumonia.  I had taken the antibiotics but was not recovering.  At this point Sarah took over. Without knowing what the medical people had said and done, she spent  many hours thoroughly perceiving my physical and probably mental condition and came up with an extremely accurate assessment.  It was more informative than that received from my doctor. She also recognized that I had an elevated cholesterol level.  Using her healing powers and suggesting some special herbal remedies, my pneumonia was gone, my lungs healed and in a short time my cholesterol was in the 140s.  I also felt much better than I had well before I was ill. Sarah is an experienced healer and so modest you will never know of her feats.  I am honored to know her and join others in being thankful.” ~Steve W., Rhode Island

“I feel blessed to have come across your path, as I know you have done a miracle for me.  I do feel as something was lifted from me, I feel more at ease and less worried about the everyday stuff.  I feel the change in my life health-wise…thank you, thank you.  May the Lord blessed you with peace, health and prosperity as you continue with the marvelous gift of helping those in need. I’m taking the cottage cheese with the apricot kernel oil and doing the 10 point exercise you taught. I hope to have the opportunity of seeing you when I visit RI in the future.  Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart. ~
Carmen Cumplido Corena Zapata, Florida

“You’re the real thing!”
~Allen S.