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Shrine Room

About Us

The Providence Institute is a beautiful urban oasis located in the heart of Providence’s Jewelry District.

We bring a contemplative and natural approach to healing and spirituality. The guiding axiom is the knowledge, through time-tested wisdom teachings and personal meditative experience, that the truth of life lies within us, within our own mind-body continuum. We specialize in embodied meditative and healing techniques that teach people how to discover the luminosity and power of their true nature and integrate that into their daily life.

Our name: It carries a double meaning. We are located in Providence, RI and the work we do is all base in the root belief that enlightenment and healing is part of our innate potential. It is our providence, as it were; it is provided in our deepest, timeless being. As we gather in community and practice meditation we are activating the fruition of this providence.

The mission of The Providence Institute

  • To assist people in the greater Providence area of all ages and circumstances  in profound relief of anxiety, stress, and pain through universally accessible meditation practices and knowledge of mind/body consciousness.
  • To help people connect with their innate human potential so that they can live prosperous, purposeful, and peaceful lives.
  • To bring nonsectarian contemplative practice into the mainstream.
  • To provide a space where people can nurture the evolution of human consciousness through the genuine wisdom of contemplative spirituality.

We offer:
sunny shrine room at the Providence Institute

  • Meditation
  • Herbs and Nutrition
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Shamanic training
  • Healing
  • Massage
  • Ayurveda
  • Yoga


Our facilities are relaxing, peaceful and filled with natural light. Located on the sixth floor of a rehabilitated mill building, the Institute enjoys a view of the busy city below, understanding the importance of remaining connected to the earth even, or especially, within the urban environment. We have a beautiful treatment room with a separate entrance, as well as a 23′ square foot shrine room, which expresses a Zen-like elegance, where group activities such as meditation take place. There is a comfortable lounge, more Bohemian in aesthetic, with cushy couches and crystal chandeliers, for resting after treatments, sipping a cup of tea before class, playing the piano, and connecting with other community members. A full kitchen is available for cooking and nutrition classes. We also sell gift items and supplies such as books, crystals, meditation cushions, yoga mats and more.

If we can get everyone in Providence meditating 10 minutes a day, we will have succeeded!

We hope you’ll become part of our unfolding journey.