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Autumn Equinox Fire Ceremony In Little Compton: 9/22/17

Sacred Herbs & Fire

Sacred Herbs & Fire

Autumn Equinox Fire Ceremony: Friday, 9/22, at 7PM.

Richard and Sarah will be giving transmissions from the Q’ero, the oldest living shamanic lineage in Peru. The transmissions will include Healer Rites, Seer Rites, and Bands of Power/Protection. These rites activate the healer in you and help heal your own ancestral lineage. In the time of darkening, why not be a healer?

“To be a healer, you must heal yourself, within, as a healer heals a patient.”

“No real initiation or empowerment is ever about you. It’s about how you are in your community as an instrument of healing.”

The ceremony will be at Sarah’s house in Little Compton, RI, at 140F Long Hwy.

Please rsvp by texting or calling Sarah at 401-464-1634.

This ceremony will be led by Richard Pass and Sarah C. Whitehead, MA